Free TON Contest for developers
Free TON
Who are we?
Free TON is a next-gen blockchain that belongs to no one and to everyone at the same time. The network does not have an owner or centralized management that decides what should be done or when, nor what tools or projects should run on it.
How it works?
In fact, everything is simple!
You have a great idea and want to make it happen?

Write your proposal, submit it, and see what the community thinks.

It’s you who decide the future!

What should be done?
On-line auctions implementation
There is a clear need for efficient implementation of different Auction types in Free TON. As many use cases demands auction mechanics we need a reference implementation of many auction types in-line with distributed smart contract architecture.

Contest participants will compete to create, test and deploy smart contracts implementing different types of auctions.

What types of auctions?

Since we have already implemented Vickry auctions in DeNS contest we should concentrate on the following auction types and their variants:
Both auction types should be implemented for forward, reversed auction types and blind variant (which technically are considered a separate type but we will use the English and Dutch names for simplicity) should be submitted with at least a commit-reveal scheme or zero-knowledge proofs.
Brief conditions

Contracts must interface with TON Crystal native cryptocurrency, Transfer function in DePools as well as TIP-3 tokens.

Auctions must emit on-chain events reporting important state changes that could be used by other smart contracts.

Source code (open source, Free Software licence).
● Test scripts for all functionality using one of the existing frameworks (should cover all functions, run and pass):
○ TS-4 in Python from TonLabs;
○ Echpochmak fron Wintexpro;
○ TON testing suite or Locklift from Broxus.
● Description using any of the following languages: TLA+ family, TL-B, UML, Prolog family.
● DeBots following the latest specifications to all user interactions with auction smart contracts.
● All smart contracts and DeBots should be deployed to DevNet, addresses provided in the submission, operational.
What should be provided
1 place — 50 000 TON (≈37 000 USD)
2 place — 35 000 TON (≈26 000 USD)
3 place — 20 000 TON (≈15 000 USD)
4 place — 15 000 TON (≈11 000 USD)
5 place — 10 000 TON (≈7 500 USD)
Contest dates: 25 June 2021 — 25 July 2021
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Note! The application must be uploaded in PDF format here